Consumer electronics sales on Black Friday 2006 and before

While overall growth slowed, there were some categories which experienced continued growth and at better rates than 2005. Notebook computers are one example, with a nearly 35% revenue growth and nearly 64% unit growth over 2005 compared to the nearly 16% revenue and 41% unit growth seen in 2005. The average price of a notebook computer dropped from $852 in 2005 to $701 in 2006. Overall PC unit volume was up 31% 2006 versus 27% 2005. One area of the IT industry which saw a big jump in sales was storage. This trend has been accelerating all year and Black Friday sales gave it another big push forward. Flash memory sales increased about 30% in revenue and 76% in units. USB drives grew 55% in revenue and an astounding 93.5% in units. Hard drives were also an easy sell for Black Friday with a 33% increase in revenue and 58.5% increase in unit volume.

GPS navigation followed a path of success for Black Friday. Revenue was up 262% and unit sales experienced a 670% increase from 2005. The average price of a GPS system dropped dramatically from $684 in 2005 to $322 in 2006. Digital cameras captured a good portion of Black Friday sales. Revenue increased over 13% and units were up 26% compared to 2005. The average price of a digital camera dropped to around $163 compared to the average $182 consumers spent in 2005. MP3 players experienced a major slowdown, consistent with year-to-date sales, but still increased unit and dollar volumes over 2005. MP3 player revenue was up nearly 14% and units were up 26%. Average prices dropped from around $123 to $111.

2006 Top 5 Revenue Producing Categories
Category Revenue, mln. Share
LCD TVs $275 13.2%
Notebook PCs $205 9.8%
 Digital Cameras $182 8.7%
 Plasma TVs $148 7.1%
 MP3 Players $123 5.9%
Source: NPD Group