Consumer electronic prices up 3% in December 2004, DVD player prices up 15%

Consumer electronics prices for a market basket of 27 key items rose 3% in December 2004 compared to November 2004 record low. This mirrors 2003 results, which saw prices tick up by 3% from November 2003 to December 2003. The overall basket value for the month of December was $10,913, which, while up from November, still represented a nearly 20% decline from what the same basket of goods would have cost in December 2003.

December saw 19 of the 27 tracked items register a price increase over November, although when compared to December 2003, 23 of the items showed price declines. The product type seeing the largest decrease in prices in December was an 802.11G wireless access point, which fell over 7% from November’s price, falling below $80 for the first time. No other product fell more than 4%.

When looking at specific products that rose in price in December, DVD players led the way. Whether they were models that offered recording, portability, or were standard home deck DVD players, all rose over 15% from November 2004 pricing. Since DVD played such a key role in Black Friday promotions in 2004, it was not surprising to see DVD players lead the way towards higher prices in December. In addition to DVD players, three mega pixel digital cameras and digital memory cards showed the biggest jumps over November. Again, both categories were heavily promoted in November.