Console sales up 11% in February 2009

Video game hardware revenues climbed 11% to $532.7 mln in February 2009 from $481.4 mln in February 2008, according to NPD Group. Americans bought 753,000 units of Wii, the best-selling console. The handheld Nintendo DS, which sold 588,000 units, came in second. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 391,000 units, up 53% from a year earlier, while Sony’s PlayStation 3 sold 276,000 units. Nintendo also had the best-selling game in February with its Wii Fit, an exercise game that sold 644,000 copies. Capcom USA’s Street Fighter IV took the number two and three spots with 446,000 copies for the Xbox and 403,000 for the Play Station 3. Overall software sales grew 9% to $733.5 mln from $673.3 mln.