Communication chips generated $36.6 bln in 2007

The Communications Chip market generated estimated $36.6 bln in the year 2007. That revenue was generated by shipping an estimated 3.73 bln chips during the year, iLocus says. Texas Instruments leads the market earning around $6.6 bln and thus holding 18% of the communications chip market share. Other leaders in the market include Freescale, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom and Qualcomm. Collectively the top 5 chip vendors had revenues of about $21.3 bln which accounted for 58% of the market revenues. Broadband and cellular chips were the major contributors of revenue to the overall Communications Chip market. Broadband contributed 22.6% of the total revenues while 21.7% were contributed by the chips consumed by cellular devices. Within our segmentation, Optical Networking chips contributed the least i.e. $1.4 bln of the total communications chip revenues for the year.