College students to spend $8.9 bln on electronics, $11.9 bln on textbooks in 2005

BIGresearch found that college students and their parents will spend $34.4 bln returning to campus in 2005, up 33.8% from 2004. When combined, the $47.8 bln that will be spent on back-to-school and back-to-college merchandise this year will rank second only to the holiday season in seasonal sales. 2005 back-to-school spending will include $11.9 bln on textbooks, $8.2 bln on electronics, $3.6 bln on dorm and apartment furnishings, $3.0 bln on school supplies, $5.7 bln on clothing, $2.0 bln on shoes. The average freshman, who will likely be moving away from home for the first time, plans to spend $1151.68, largely on electronics ($540.35). Sophomores are expected to spend $1028.57, primarily on textbooks, home furnishings, and clothes.