Click fraud reached 16.2% in Q3 2007

Click Forensics claims click fraud reached 16.2% in Q3 2007. The overall industry average click fraud rate was 16.2% for Q3 2007. This is an increase from 13.8% for the same Q in 2006 and from 15.8% for Q2 2007. The average click fraud rate of PPC advertisements appearing on search engine content networks, including Google AdSense and the Yahoo Publisher Network, was 28.1% in Q3 2007. That?s up from 25.6% for Q2 2007, 21.9% for Q1 2007 and 19.2% for Q4 of 2006. Over 60% of traffic from parked domains and made for ad sites was click fraud. In Q3 2007, the greatest%age of click fraud originating from countries outside North America came from France (4.2%) China (4.1%) and Germany (3.7%).