Chinese communications market to generate $68 bln in 2005

China’s communications market (including mobile phone, cellular base station and wireless local area network/wide area network (WLAN/WAN) equipment) is set to be worth more than $68 bln in 2005, up 27% from 2004, according to Global Sources. China will need $59 bln worth of integrated circuits (ICs) in 2005 to meet strong demand from communications equipment makers. China’s mobile phone production is set to grow annually, on average, by 14% until 2007. In 2005, output will reach 223 mln units, according to the report Chinese cellular base station should reach $5.4 bln in 2005, up 12% from 2004, due to China’s rapid growth of mobile phone subscribers. China’s WLAN market will generate sales of $23.45 mln in 2005, up 20% from 2004, due to the spread of broadband access, falling equipment prices and the continued popularity of notebook PCs.