Chemical mechanical planarization equipment down 19.4% in 2006

Chemical Mechanical Planarization equipment and consumables revenues for semiconductor applications moved in opposite directions for only the second time in history, according to The Information Network. The equipment market dropped 19.4% in 2006 compared to an overall drop of 9.5% for front-end equipment. It followed a year where revenues grew a staggering 92.7% and resulted in excessive capacity reminiscent of 2001. For 2005, Applied Materials led the polisher market with more than a 70% share. In the CMP slurry sector, Cabot Microelectronics maintained its market dominance with a 44% share. The slurry sector rose 12% in 2005. Rohm and Haas led the pad sector with nearly a 92% share. The pad sector rose slightly more than 10% in 2005. For 2006, The Information Network projects growth of 12.6% in the polisher sector, 10.9% in the slurry sector, and 9.3% in the pad sector.