Central and Eastern European PC market up 26.1% in Q2 2005

The market for PCs in Central and Eastern Europe continued to expand in Q2 2005. Compared to Q2 2004, shipments were up 26.1% to 2.6 mln units and revenue up 26.8% to $2.3 bln. According to IDC, notebook shipments surged 94.3% in volume while desktop shipments rose a more modest 15.5% and x86 servers 19.6%. Desktops still led in overall numbers, outselling portables by 3.75 to 1 but accounting for only 1.9 times as much revenue. Russia was again the largest PC country market in Central and Eastern in Q2 2005, largely due to its size. Poland remained second-largest and Ukraine third. Together, these three countries accounted for about 70% of shipment volume. In terms of PC sales per capita, Slovenia led the pack with 19 PCs for every 1,000 people. The Czech Republic ranked second and Croatia third.