Central and Eastern European PC market up 25% in 2005

The market for PCs in Central and Eastern Europe is still hot. According to a recent IDC study of 11 CEE country markets, shipments jumped by nearly 25% in 2005 to almost 12 mln units and will rise a further 18% in 2006. The popularity of notebooks pushed revenue up by over 26% to more than $11.4 bln in 2005 and will help lift it a further 19.5% in 2006. A new wave of government-sponsored education projects, especially in Russia, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, led to the purchase of tens of thousands of desktops. Demand for notebooks continued to soar, with shipments growing by 84% in 2005 and expected to rise a further 44.6% in 2006. Nevertheless, desktops remained the dominant form factor, outselling notebooks by 3.6 to 1. Shipments of x86 servers rose a solid 18% to make up 2% of total shipments, IDC reports.