Central and Eastern European mobile subscription revenues up 13.5% in 2005

Even as markets approach saturation and prices continue to fall, spending on mobile services in Central and Eastern Europe expanded in 2005 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. According to IDC, spending rose 13.5% in 2005 to $15.12 bln, and should rise by 9.5% 2005. Subscriptions rose a substantial 15.7% across the region, bringing total penetration to 78%, with three more countries passing the 100% mark, bringing the total to four (Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovenia). Poland led the region in total subscriptions in 2005, with the country accounting for more than double the number found in second-ranked Romania. The saturated Czech Republic ranked third. Together, these three countries represented over 61% of activated mobile subscriptions. Poland also led in customer spending 2004, followed by the Czech Republic and Hungary, and these three countries together constituted 58.6% of regional market value.