60% of small and medium businesses to buy VOIP in 2011

IP Lines will grow from slightly less than 20% of lines shipments into SMBs in 2006 to almost 60% in 2011. In contrast, digital and analog line shipments will decline at an average of 10% a year through 2011. Traditional systems will fair even worse, declining to less than 5% of the total market by 2011, Dell’Oro Group says.

1.2 bln SIP users by 2012

By 2012 almost half of all telecom users will be using at least one SIP-based service, but more than likely will have many services from multiple devices able to communicate with other users and services across the Web and between enterprise and public networks. This will generate over $150 bln in service revenue annually with cumulative infrastructure capital expenditure of over $10 bln by that date. By 2012, ABI Research expects almost 1.2 bln VoIP users to be active, most users also subscribing to several forms of messaging and video sharing driven by the interest in user-generated content. Additional services supported by SIP will include presence, click-to-dial, buddy lists, email and Web access which are assumed to be ?core? services and will be included as standard in any service offering, and bundled with broadband access.

34 mln VOIP subscribers worldwide in 2006

Total Voice over IP (VoIP) subscribers worldwide increased by 34 mln subscribers in 2006, In-Stat says. The European consumer VoIP market increased by over 14 mln subscribers in 2006. US wireline operators added only 4 mln VoIP subscribers in 2006. In 2011, the US will represent only 18% of the global consumer VoIP market. By 2011, In-Stat predicts the consumer VoIP market will total nearly $44 bln worldwide.

US IP communications market to grow to $30 bln by 2007

The total US IP communications and managed services opportunity (including managed IP-PBX, managed security, managed backup/business continuity, managed networks, VPNs and web hosting in the US SMB space) is estimated to be over $30 bln for 2007 and will grow at a CAGR of 15.6% out to 2010, AMI Partners says. Over 10% of US SMBs now use a managed firewall service and over 15% are using managed VPNs. The opportunity for online/off-site data storage and backup is also increasing, driven by business continuity and disaster recovery needs, and has risen to 11% among SBs and 15% among MBs.

Western European IP phone market up 47% in 2006

Shipments of Internet Protocol telephones to companies in Western Europe grew by 47% in 2006, to 4.2 mln units. Cisco led with a 24% share, its shipments up by 36% on 2005. Alcatel and Siemens took second and third place, Gartner says.

71% of US VOIP market is cable-based

JupiterResearch found the ability to successfully bundle broadband telephony with other relevant services will continue to drive consumers’ adoption of cable-based VoIP, which currently accounts for 71% of the VoIP telephony market. Growth in cable-based VoIP will drive the market going forward. After more than 10 years in the telephony business, cable operators have finally struck a chord with consumers, as demonstrated by the acquisition of about 3.6 mln new VoIP telephony customers in 2006.

22 mln VOIP customers bought their VOIP from cable company in 2006

Worldwide cable telephony subscribers increased to over 22 mln in 2006, up sharply from 15.8 mln in 2005. Cable telephony service revenues are also growing at a rapid pace and are projected to reach $10.4 bln in 2007, up from $7.9 bln in 2006. North America will account for two-thirds of the worldwide service revenues in 2007. In a few countries, the number of VoIP-based cable telephony subscribers has already exceeded the number of circuit-switched cable telephony subscribers. One of these countries is the US, where there are over 6.6 mln VoIP subscribers and just 2.8 mln circuit-switched subscribers. Cable telephony’s growth spurt in the US market has been a relatively recent phenomenon. According to Ин-Стат US consumer survey, 42% of all US cable telephony subscribers signed up for the service during the past 12 months.

20% of US businesses use VOIP

VoIP is currently used by 20% of US businesses, but 44% of these businesses’ voice lines remain TDM. Robust business adoption of VoIP will continue, as In-Stat predicts that two-thirds of US businesses will have some form of VoIP service by 2011. Multiple VoIP solutions are used by 36% of businesses that have adopted VoIP, with broadband IP telephony solutions resonating most strongly with smaller businesses and IP PBX with larger ones. Hosted IP revenues will exceed Broadband IP Telephony (BBIPT) by 2010 in the business market, despite more BBIPT lines being in place. Roughly 14% of US businesses have at least some workers who use voice-enabled IM for business purposes.

9.5 mln Americans buy VOIP from cable companies

In-Stat research on the US cable telephony market shows that there are currently 9.5 mln cable telephony subscriber households in the country, which is equal to 8% of total US households. This total rose by 60% in the past twelve months. In 2006, US cable TV operators racked up $4.5 bln in revenues from their cable telephony services, a 66% increase over 2005 revenues.