$2.4 bln of venture investments went into health care in Q2 2007

US venture investment in health care continued to be strong with $2.4 bln of total investment, of which $1 bln went to medical device companies, the highest total on record for that segment of the health care industry. IT investment also continued to be strong with $4.1 bln invested, with information service companies (which includes Web 2.0 companies) receiving close to $1 bln, a substantial increase for that industry segment, Fenwick & West survey says.

Cleantech spending up 14% in 2007

Spending on the development of new energy and environmental technologies is projected to grow by 14% in 2007 to exceed $55 bln worldwide, with corporate and government spending up 10% and venture capital on track to double.

Top venture capital companies for healthcare sector

Healthcare Corporate Finance News published a list of top venture companies investing into healthcare sector.

Venture investing in healthcare sector

Venture capital firm Deals
Alta Partners 8
Canaan Partners 6
Sofinnova Ventures/Sofinnova Partners 6
ARCH Venture Partners 5
Domain Associates 5
Pequot Ventures/Capital 5
New Enterprise Associates 5
Novartis BioVentures/Novartis Venture 5
Three Arch Partners 5
Versant Ventures 5
Advent Venture Partners 4
Asset Management Company 4
Bay City Capital 4
Frazier Healthcare Ventures 4
Novo A/S 4
Source: Healthcare Corporate

Venture investments in healthcare sector

Healthcare Corporate Finance News published a list of venture investments into healthcare companies.

Healthcare venture investments in Q1 2007
Sector Deals Amount
Biopharmaceuticals 23 $727.4
Medical Devices 43 $726.1
Pharmaceuticals 19 $660.4
Biotechnology 27 $392.9
Health Care Services 9 $197.1
e-Health 9 $52.3
Other 4 $48.0
Total 134 $2,804.2
Source: Healthcare Corporate

$8.2 bln of venture capital invested into healthcare companies in 2006

Venture capital investment in US health care companies was up solidly in 2006 compared to 2005 ($8.2 bln vs. $7.4 bln). Health care’s share of total US venture investment increased slightly from 31% in 2005 to 32% in 2006. US medical device/equipment companies raised approximately $2.6 bln in 2006, the best year ever for that sector.