57% of Americans watch TV and surf Internet simultaneously

57% of TV viewers in the US who have Internet access use both mediums at the same time at least once a month. That translates to more than 128 mln US consumers. Average TV viewer who uses the Internet simultaneously does that for 2 hours and 40 minutes a month, and that 28% of the time they are on the Web at home, they are also watching television, Nielsen said.

Web-to-TV streaming services to generate $2.9 bln by 2013

Over 40% of young adult US households view Internet video on the TV at least once per month, In-Stat found. Revenue from Web-to-TV streaming services will grow to $2.9 bln in 2013. Within five years, the number of US broadband households viewing Web-to-TV content will grow to 24 mln. Already, 29% of US 25 to 34 year olds with game consoles use the devices to watch streaming video off the Internet. In five years, there will be 7.4 mln US broadband households that use media center PCs for streaming Web-to-TV content.

Top Entertainment Programs by Time Spent Viewing in December 2008

Program Network Minutes per Viewer Unique Viewers (000)
Privileged CWTV.com 214.6 29
Chuck NBC.com 162.5 226
Lipstick Jungle NBC.com 153.2 152
Gossip Girl CWTV.com 40.0 165
The Simpsons FOX Broadcasting 138.8 41
Life NBC.com 137.4 133
Kitchen Nightmares FOX Broadcasting 124.9 40
Private Practice ABC.com 123.1 350
Young and the Restless CBS Television 115.6 323
The Office NBC.com 111.8 374
Source: Nielsen

How people are watching TV in Q4 2008

  K2-11 T12-17 A18-24 A25-34 A35-44 A45-54 A55-64 A65+
On Traditional TV 106:37 103:48 118:28 142:29 147:21 173:00 190:40 207:29
Watching Timeshifted TV 5:11 4:24 5:01 10:50 9:44 8:31 7:54 3:58
Using the Internet 5:19 11:27 13:00 28:15 38:40 37:06 33:39 26:29
Watching Video on Internet 1:49 2:49 5:03 4:14 3:20 2:34 1:34 1:08
Mobile Subscribers Watching Video on a Mobile Phone n/a 6:38 2:53 3:42 3:37 2:53 2:10 n/a
Source: Nielsen

LCD TV panel sales to grow 20.5% in 2009

The Information Network forecasts array processing equipment to decrease 41% in 2009 following an increase of 30% in 2008. Large-size TFT-LCD panel growth in 2009 will be buoyed by LCD TV and notebook sales. For 2009, 113.3 mln panels will be sold for LCD TVs, up 20.5% from 94.0 mln in 2008. Panels for notebooks will grow slightly faster, up 26.6% to 177.0 mln panels. Panels for monitors will decrease 17.0% in 2009 to 144.9 mln units.

500 mln mobile TV viewers by 2013

While mobile broadcast TV was pioneered in Japan and South Korea, following the switchover traditional and mobile TV broadcasters and cellular operators in many regions will launch mobile TV services that are forecast to attract over 500 mln viewers by 2013, ABI Research found.

29.8 mln HDTV to sell in 2009, 10% of the plasma screens

2009 is expected to be another record-breaking year for HDTV sales with 29.8 mln HD sets expected to ship, out of a total of 34.5 mln digital televisions sold in the U.S. in 2009. This is up from 26.8 mln HD sets sold in 2008. In addition to key sporting events like the Super Bowl, another factor driving this demand is the drop in the average wholesale price of sets. In the past five years, the average wholesale price for an HDTV has fallen nearly 50% to $849 in 2009. All categories of digital television (DTV) sales are on the rise. CEA projects that more than 34.5 mln DTVs will ship in 2009. The 26.8 mln LCD TVs expected to ship will make up the bulk of these sales. Plasma displays will account for 10% of total sets sold in 2009. Overall digital displays remain the primary revenue driver for the industry with dollar shipments representing 15% of total industry sales in 2009.