Cloud computing usage depending on age

 Age group 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+
Use webmail services such as Hotmail,
Gmail, or Yahoo! mail
77% 58% 44% 27%
Store personal photos 50 34 26 19
Use online applications such as Google
Documents or Adobe Photoshop Express
39 28 25 19
Store personal videos 14 6 5 2
Pay to store computer files online 9 4 5 3
Back up hard drive to an online site 7 5 5 4
Have done at least one activity 87% 71% 59% 46%
Have done at least two activities 59 39 31 21
Source: Pew Internet Project

Global software market in Q2 2008 reached $3.1 bln

According to IDC, the worldwide storage software market experienced its 19th consecutive quarter of YTY growth in Q2 2008 with revenues of $3.1 bln, a 14.2% increase over Q2 2007. This was the first time that the worldwide storage software market surpassed $3 bln in revenues in Q3 2008. The overall storage software market grew at a faster rate in the second quarter than in the usually slow first quarter of the year. The year-over-year growth for 2Q08 was 14.2% compared to 9.4% for Q1 2008. Most of the top vendors experienced accelerated growth in the second quarter, which helps to explain the strong Q2 results.

Nordic packaged software market will grow 7.2% in 2008

The Nordic market for packaged software saw significant growth in 2007, according to IDC. At 8.6% growth, the market grew as fast as the record growth of 2006, and in 2007 the total packaged software market reached a value of 6 bln euro in the Nordic region. IDC believes the software market will be fairly resilient to the slowdown in the investment climate, but we nevertheless expect a gradual slowing down of the software market to 7.2% this year and 6.4% in 2009.

US game spending down 7% in September 2008

Americans spent $1.27 bln on video games in September 2008, down 7% from September 2007. Hardware sales dropped 9% to $497.98 mln and software sales fell 6% to $616.1 mln. Nintendo Wii and DS held their place as the two best-selling gaming systems. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 347,200 units during the month, in third place and up 78% from August 2008.

PC gaming generated $10.7 bln in 2007

PC gaming was a $10.7 bln industry during the year of 2007, with retail sales accounting for just 30% of total revenues. According to PC Gaming Alliance, growth was largely driven by online revenues from Asia, the world’s largest market, which is approaching half of total worldwide sales. Online PC gaming revenue led the way in 2007 with $4.8 bln, nearly double the worldwide retail sales numbers for PC games. Digital distribution sales approached $2 bln, while advertising revenues from websites, portals, and in-game ads accounted for $800 mln.