Microsoft survey on Web services

Microsoft asked 2846 MSDN visitors to describe their experience with the Web services. The results are in:

95% of participants know Web services and 64% of participants implemented a Web service.

Percentage of developer work  	 Developer task
88% 	                                Web development
62%  	                                Rich desktop applications
51% 	                                Business Logic
25% 	                                Mobile web development
20%  	                                Rich mobile applications

And what do people use Web services for?

1  	 Public authentication
2 	 Payment Services
3 	 Messaging
4 	 Presence
5 	 Location
6 	 Mapping

IDC: Top integrators

IBM Global Services, Accenture, and Lockheed Martin held the top
three spots in both the worldwide and U.S. system integration services markets. IBM Global Services, Accenture, and EDS gained the top three spots in the
custom app dev services market in both the worldwide and U.S. The pure-play Indian firms,
namely Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys, were among the top 10 companies
in both the worldwide and U.S. markets. Wipro Technologies held a spot on the
top 10 list for the U.S.

Enrst & Young: Экспорт ПО в России

По прогнозам аналитиков компании Ernst & Young, объем экспорта России в области разработки программного обеспечения вырастет к 2005 году до $ 450 миллионов. Одновременно объем экспорта специальных выделенных центров разработок зарубежных компаний вырастет к этому времени более чем в 2 раза.