EAS market in the Czech Republic declined 4.5% YTY in 2007

Expansion of the enterprise application software (EAS) market in the Czech Republic slowed to 4.5% year on year in 2007, down from 6.4% in 2006. The value of the market exceeded $117 mln in 2007. In 2008, IDC expects the market to regain momentum and expand by a further 10% to reach a value of $129 mln . In 2007, enterprise resource management (ERM) remained the largest functional area of the Czech enterprise application software market, accounting for 41.6% of EAS market value. Customer relationship management (CRM) increased in popularity, rising from fourth place in 2006 to second place last year to account for just under a fifth of the market. Operations and manufacturing modules were the third most in demand, with a 17% share. Supply chain management (SCM) represented 15% of the total market, while integrated business analytics (BA) accounted for 7.1%, according to IDC.

6% of US teens write software for personal enjoyment

For school For personal
Have done for
any reason
Do short writing, from a
paragraph to one page
92% 31% 97%
Take notes in class 98 n/a 98
Write essays 93 8 95
Do creative writing, such
as plays, poetry, fiction or
short stories
74 25 81
Write notes or letters to
other people
38 64 78
Create audio, video,
PowerPoint or
multimedia presentations
69 16 73
Write up a science lab 71 n/a 71
Write in a journal 44 34 65
Write music or lyrics 9 25 30
Write computer programs 10 6 14
Source: Pew Internet Project

148 mln Americans viewed Web widgets in November 2007

In November 2007, nearly 148 mln US Internet users viewed widgets, representing 81% of the total audience, according to comScore. MySpace.com widgets had the widest audience, reaching more than 57 mln Internet users, while Slide.com ranked second with 39.2 mln viewers.

Widget Audience, 000 Reach in US
US Widget Viewers 147,904 81.1%
MySpace.com 57,747 31.7%
Slide.com 39,213 21.5%
Clearspring.com 39,159 21.5%
RockYou.com 32,557 17.9%
Photobucket.com 26,434 14.5%
Google.com 19,436 10.7%
BunnyHeroLabs.com 16,123 8.8%
MusicPlaylist.us 15,844 8.7%
MyPlaylist.org 15,586 8.5%
BlingyBlob.com 14,967 8.2%

74% of marketers to increase Web development budgets

Among the online areas that will see increases next year are Web site development (cited by 74.0% of marketers); e-mail (70.1%); search engine marketing (64.3%); video (39.5%); webcasting (39.1%); banners (36.4%); sponsorships (29.6%); and social media (26.2%). 49.5% of marketers are planning a budget increase in this area compared to 44.1% last year, according to BtoB.

56% of developers use scripting languages

Scripting languages are used by 56% of developers today, and while more than half of those developers use scripts less than 20% of the time, both the total number of developers using scripting languages and the amount of time spent is expected to increase during the coming year, Evans Data reports. Linux was strong for both target and platform with PHP and Ruby users. 54% of developers write multi-threaded applications. The primary perceived obstacle to multi-core development is the complexity of parallel programming, followed by a lack of available tools. 51% of North American developers use agile development techniques some part of the time, and that share is expected to increase in 2008.