Microsoft Windows servers grew 9.8% in Q4 2007

Microsoft Windows servers showed positive growth as revenues grew 6.9% and unit shipments grew 9.8% YTY, according to IDC. Quarterly revenue of $5.7 bln for Microsoft Windows servers set an all-time high for a single quarter and represented the single largest revenue segment in the server market with 36.6% of overall quarterly factory revenue. Unix servers experienced 1.5% revenue growth YTY when compared with Q4 2006. Worldwide Unix revenues were $5.2 bln for the quarter, representing 33.3% of quarterly server spending and reflecting continued IT investment in this server market segment, with particular strength in the midrange enterprise segment of the Unix market which comprises 53.8% of all Unix spending. Linux server revenue reached $2.0 bln for the first time in any single quarter on 11.6% YTY growth. Linux servers now represent 12.7% of all server revenue, up more than 1 point over Q4 2006.

Server blade market grew to $1.2 bln in Q4 2007

Growth in the server blade market accelerated in the Q4 2007, with factory revenue gaining 54.2% YTY and shipments increasing by 35.6% compared to Q4 2006, according to IDC. Overall, bladed servers, including x86, EPIC and RISC blades, accounted for $1.2 bln in Q4 2007, representing 7.8% of quarterly server market revenue. More than 95% of all blade revenue is driven by x86 systems where blades now represent 14.8% of all x86 server revenue. For the full year 2007, worldwide blade server revenue grew 40.9% year over year to $3.9 bln.

High-performance servers up 15.5% in 2007

The market for high performance computing (HPC) servers grew 15.5% in 2007 to reach a record $11.6 bln, according to IDC. IDC reported that the HPC server market resumed strong double-digit growth in 2007 after dipping to 9.2% growth in 2006 – the first single-digit increase since 2002.

Over the five-year period from 2002 to 2007, the HPC server market has grown an aggregate 134% at an average annual compounded rate (CAGR) of 18.8%. IDC projects that this market will reach $15 bln by 2011. The 2007 $11.6 bln revenue total split out by HPC server price bands as follows. The supercomputers segment for HPC servers priced above $500,000 grew 24% YTY to reach $3.2 bln in 2007. The divisional segment for HPC servers in the $250,000-$499,999 price range increased 19% over 2006 to $1.7 bln. The departmental segment for HPC systems priced from $100,000 to $249,999 grew 23% from the prior year to reach $4.1 bln. The workgroup segment for sub-$100,000 HPC servers declined slightly (3.3%) to 2007 revenue of $2.7 bln.

Top Web server developers in December 2007

NetCraft published the list of top Web server developers in December 2007.

Developer November 2007 Share December 2007 Percent Share
Apache 76,028,287 50.76% 76,945,640 49.57% -1.19
Microsoft 53,679,916 35.84% 55,509,223 35.76% -0.08
Google 7,910,879 5.28% 8,558,256 5.51% 0.23
lighttpd 1,505,122 1.00% 1,521,250 0.98% -0.02
Sun 619,262 0.41% 588,997 0.38% -0.03

Source: Netcraft

Global server market up 0.5% in Q3 2007

Factory revenue in the worldwide server market grew 0.5% in Q3 2007 to $13.1 bln. It’s the slowest rate since Q1 2006, according to IDC. Server unit shipments rose 6.3%, a decrease from 7.8% growth reported in Q3 2006. IBM had 30% of the server market in Q3 2007, down from 33% a year earlier. Hewlett-Packard held 28.6% of the market, up from 26.1% in 2006. Dell was third, and Sun Microsystems came in fourth, the same as in 2006.

Unix server shipments down 6.4%

Unix server shipments fell 6.4% to 103,267 units. Sun led the pack, shipping 52,038 units, 12% down YTY, Gartner says. IBM shipped 27,904 units to come in 2nd place, representing a 12.9% drop in volume. 3rd was HP, which saw a 29.4% increase in shipments. Apple, in fourth place, shipped 4,098 units, a 33.4% increase. Fujitsu/Fujitsu Siemens was in fifth place.