NetCraft December 2003 results

NetCraft December 2003 Web Server Survey results are in:

Server No. of
Servers in Use
Market Share No. of Servers
With .com domains
Apache 31,005,690 67.43% 14,053,192
Microsoft-IIS 9,596,216 20.87% 5,252,836
Netscape-Enterprise 1,521,607 3.31% 855,383
Unknown 911,283 1.98% 506,487
Zeus 749,791 1.63% 371,544
Rapidsite 422,670 0.92% 282,063
tigershark 255,114 0.55% 185,220
thttpd 223,887 0.49% 3,300
Lotus Domino 87,231 0.19% 30,428
WebSTAR 71,416 0.16% 39,887
Stronghold 37,370 0.08% 21,500
WebSitePro 35,723 0.08% 19,122
WebSite 27,202 0.06% 15,185
Zope 25,622 0.06% 5,740
WN 14,996 0.03% 2,373
4D_WebSTAR_S 11,996 0.03% 6,022
AOLServer 8,586 0.02% 5,463
Roxen WebServer 8,557 0.02% 4,806
WebLogic 8,064 0.02% 5,394
Enterprise for NetWare 7,661 0.02% 2,133
Orion 6,865 0.01% 4,070
Sambar 6,725 0.01% 2,525
Netscape FastTrack Server 6,448 0.01% 2,523
Xitami 4,605 0.01% 2,433
OmniHTTPd Pro 3,796 0.01% 916
NCSA HTTPd 3,045 0.01% 732

IDC on server shipments in Q3 2003

Growth: Server sales gre by 2% in Q3 2003 YTY. Worldwide server revenue, which includes the costs of server hardware, operating systems and initial storage shipments, reached US$10.8 billion, up from $10.6 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Top vendors: IBM, HP, Sun, Dell and Fujitsu. IBM Corp. retained its lead of the server market, with a 31.1% market share on revenue of $3.4 bil. Hewlett-Packard Co. was second, with 27.7% on $3 bil in revenue, followed by Sun Microsystems Inc. and Dell Inc., with 10.8% and 9.5% of the market, on sales of $1.17 bil and $1.03 bil, respectively.

OS: Sun was the hardest hit by the decline in Unix spending. Its market share dropped by 9.3% from the same quarter in 2002. Strong growth in the Linux market, which grew by 50%, took its toll on Sun. Windows server sales also grew at a respectable pace, increasing by 10% from the previous year and slightly exceeding IDC’s expectations for the quarter. When measured by the number of units shipped, Windows remained far ahead of Linux, with 841,000 Windows servers shipped in the quarter, compared to 210,000 Linux boxes.

Overall, unit shipments grew a surprising 19.5%, reflecting solid demand for small servers priced less than $25,000. Revenues from those systems grew 9.5%, while sales of midrange systems, $25,000 to $499,999, increased by 7%. Revenue from servers priced more than $500,000 declined by 14%.

Gartner: Server shipments up 20% in Q3

Vendors shipped a total of 1.37 million units in the quarter, the Stamford, Connecticut, market research firm said. Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) led the way with 408,290 units shipped worldwide, a 21% increase over its total shipments in last year’s third quarter. Dell Inc. shipped 276,350 units worldwide in the third quarter, up 28% from last year. IBM Corp. came in third place with 220,083 units, up 36% over last year’s third-quarter total. Sun Microsystems Inc. continued to lose ground, shipping 59,692 units in the quarter, down 2.9% from last year’s third quarter.

IDC: Server OS Survey

Согласно опубликованному сегодня отчету аналитической фирмы IDC, по итогам прошедшего года доля Microsoft Windows на рынке серверных операционных систем (исходя из числа новых лицензий) достигла 55,1% (в сравнении с 50,5% в 2001 г.). На втором месте идет Linux — 23,1%, на третьем Unix (все реализации) — 11%, на четвертом NetWare — 9,9%. Общее количество лицензий на серверные ОС, проданных по итогам 2002 г., оказалось равным 5,7 млн.

IDC: Blade server shipments up

IDC estimates worldwide blade server shipments will balloon 342 percent between 2002 and 2003. IDC said that 35 percent of all servers sold in the United States to be blade form factors, snowballing to a $6 billion market by 2007.

Storage revenue edges downward

The worldwide disk storage market saw both gains and losses in the second quarter of 2003, according to market researcher IDC.

Global revenue declined to $4.73 billion in the second quarter, down slightly from $4.8 billion in the first quarter and down 3.9 percent compared with the second quarter of 2002. Revenue fell despite 36 percent year-over-year growth in storage capacity to 181.6 petabytes shipped during the second quarter. (One petabyte is equal to a million gigabytes.)

“We saw significant declines in Asia, particularly in Japan,” John McArthur, group vice president of storage research at IDC, said in a statement. “The results are decidedly mixed, providing no indication of a near-term, global recovery in the disk storage systems market.”