85% of Canadians conduct a Web search at least once a month

According to qSearch, a division of comScore Networks, approximately 85% of the Canadian Internet population conducts at least one search at the top engines each month (compared to 73% of the U.S. on-line population). Canadians also search more frequently than Americans, conducting approximately 575 mln searches last April, or 40 searches per search engine user. The first 10 sites listed are visited 78% more often than sites listed 11th to 30th.

Microsoft, Time Warner and Yahoo! are July top sites from home

Microsoft, Time Warner and Yahoo! head the list for top sites reached from home compiled by Nielsen/NetRatings. Even though Microsoft leads the ranking with the number of visitors it reached, Time Warner is undisputed leader of customer retention, with each site visitor spending almost 4 hours on the properties.

Parent Name Unique Audience Reach Time Per Person
Microsoft 	89,750 	65.70% 	01:26:20
Time Warner 	78,464 	57.44% 	03:46:50
Yahoo! 	77,369 	56.64% 	02:00:36
Google 	46,957 	34.37% 	00:18:31
eBay 	35,344 	25.87% 	01:25:08
United States Government 	27,055 	19.80% 	0:15:53
InterActiveCorp 	24,584 	18.00% 	00:17:56
Ask Jeeves 	23,363 	17.10% 	00:22:52
RealNetworks 	22,132 	16.20% 	00:42:14
Amazon 	22,029 	16.13% 	00:15:13

Amazon searches inside 120,000 books, 20 TB of data

In the latest issue the Fast Company magazine describes the database used for Amazon’s Search Inside the Book feature. It includes 120,000-plus books. Each one had to be scanned digitally and indexed, a huge logistical challenge at a huge cost. The database took up 20 terabytes, which Bezos says is about 20 times larger than the biggest database that existed anywhere when Amazon was founded. But a large-scale launch was the only way to see whether it would go over with Amazon’s 43 million active customer accounts.