Clean energy to generate $226.5 bln by 2016

Global clean-energy markets are poised to quadruple in the next decade, growing from $55.4 bln in revenues in 2006 to more than $226.5 bln by 2016 for four benchmark technologies, according to Clean Edge. For the second year in a row, the global biofuels market was slightly larger than both solar and wind, reaching $20.5 bln in 2006 and projected to grow to more than $80 bln by 2016. Clean Edge projects solar photovoltaics (modules, system components, and installations) will grow from a $15.6 bln market in 2006 to $69.3 bln by 2016; wind power installations will expand from $17.9 bln in 2006 to $60.8 bln in 2016; and the markets for fuel cells and distributed hydrogen will grow from $1.4 bln in 2006 to $15.6 bln over the next decade.

Mobile broadband to consume 124.4 bln KWh in 2011

ABI Research found that the total energy consumption arising from mobile broadband service delivery is forecast to grow from 42.8 bln kilowatt hours (KWh) in 2005 to 124.4 bln KWh in 2011. The Asia Pacific region will account for the majority of this growth.

50% of data centers to have insufficient power by 2008

Gartner says 50% of data centers will have insufficient power and cooling capacity by 2008. Traditionally the power required for non-IT equipment in the data center (for example, cooling, fans and pumps) represented about 60% of total annual energy consumption. As power requirements continue to grow, energy costs will emerge as the second highest operating cost in 70% of worldwide data center facilities by 2009. However, a flurry of innovation is under way that will converge during the next three years to substantially mitigate the power/cooling issue.

Hybrids to gain 6% of US car market by 2013

The market now offers the benefits of a number of different hybrid applications, some of which are still designed for reduced fuel consumption and emissions, while others offer enhanced performance or exclusive features such as AC power outlets. This adaptation to a wider market should see consumer hybrids’ market share in the United States rise from just 1.25% in 2005 to at least 6% in 2013, ABI Research says.