Windows servers up 12.8% in Q4 2007, Linux up 8%

x86 servers saw their revenue market share grow from 45.9% in Q4 2006 to 49% in Q4 2007, according to IDC. Sales of Windows and Linux grew 12.8% and 8% respectively. While Unix performance remained strong, growing revenue by 3.1% annually, it is Windows that is now the clear market share leader with 35.7% or the total EMEA revenue. Both z/OS and i5/OS saw their revenue decrease by 9.1% and 3.9% respectively. Blades growth continued unabated with sales going up 55% annually and approaching the half-billion dollar mark. Pedestal servers are the single most important segment with 50.2% of the total revenue in Q4 2007, despite negative annual revenue growth.

Microsoft Windows servers grew 9.8% in Q4 2007

Microsoft Windows servers showed positive growth as revenues grew 6.9% and unit shipments grew 9.8% YTY, according to IDC. Quarterly revenue of $5.7 bln for Microsoft Windows servers set an all-time high for a single quarter and represented the single largest revenue segment in the server market with 36.6% of overall quarterly factory revenue. Unix servers experienced 1.5% revenue growth YTY when compared with Q4 2006. Worldwide Unix revenues were $5.2 bln for the quarter, representing 33.3% of quarterly server spending and reflecting continued IT investment in this server market segment, with particular strength in the midrange enterprise segment of the Unix market which comprises 53.8% of all Unix spending. Linux server revenue reached $2.0 bln for the first time in any single quarter on 11.6% YTY growth. Linux servers now represent 12.7% of all server revenue, up more than 1 point over Q4 2006.

Smart phone OS shares: Symbian – 67%, Microsoft – 13%, RIM – 10%

Nokia remained global market leader, shipping 60.5 mln smart phones. By OS provider, Symbian leads on 67% share, followed by Microsoft on 13%, with RIM on 10%. Symbian leads with 65% share, ahead of Microsoft on 12%, RIM on 11%, Apple on 7%, and Linux at 5%, according to Canalys. By region, Symbian led in APAC and EMEA with 85% and 80% shares respectively, while in North America RIM was the clear leader on 42%, ahead of Apple on 27% and Microsoft at 21%.

Symbian has 49.8% of the global sales of smartphones in Q3 2008

Company 3Q08
3Q08 Market
Share (%)
3Q07 Market
Share (%)
3Q08- 3Q07
Growth (%)
Symbian 18,179 49.8 20,664 63.1 -12.0
Research In Motion 5,800 15.9 3,192 9.7 81.7
Mac OS X 4,720 12.9 1,104 3.4 327.5
Microsoft Windows Mobile 4,053 11.1 4,180 12.8 -3.0
Linux 2,622 7.2 2,884 8.8 -9.1
Palm OS 780 2.1 383 1.2 103.3
Others 361 1.0 345 1.1 4.6
Total 36,515 100.0 32,753 100.0 11.5
Source: Garthner

Linux is used by 18% of medium businesses in Japan

According to Access Markets International, Japan MBs have are ready to embark on the deployment of open-source server databases. Linux and open-source middleware is used by 18% and 12%, respectively, of Japan-based MBs. Such figures are comparable with their US counterparts and higher than MBs in France and the U.K. However, in terms of the usage of the open-source server database such as My SQL, Japanese MBs are lowest in the developed world, at 5%, as compared to an adoption rate of between 13% and 40% among advanced markets in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region outside of Japan.

OS market shares in November 2007

Net Applications report on operating system market shares based on Internet visits puts Windows XP at 78.37%, followed by Windows Vista with 9.19%. The long tail of the OSs used while accessing the Web features Apple iPhone at 0.09%, PlayStation 3, Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii at 0.01% each.

OS market share in November 2007
OS Share
Windows XP 78.37%
Windows Vista 9.19%
MacIntel 3.59%
Mac OS 3.22%
Windows 2000 2.97%
Windows 98 0.76%
Windows NT 0.63%
Linux 0.57%
Windows ME 0.43%
iPhone 0.09%
Windows CE 0.06%
Hiptop 0.02%
Windows 95 0.02%
Web TV 0.01%
Unknown 0.01%
PSP 0.01%
iPod 0.01%
SunOS 0.01%
Nintendo Wii 0.01%
Series60 0.01%
Pike v7.6 release 92 0.01%
HP-UXB.11 0.00%
HP-UX ia64 0.00%
Source: Net Applications