Digital camera sales up 20%, revenues up 3%

NPD points out that in the twelve months ending September 2007, while digital still camera unit sales were up 20%, revenue increased by only 3%. Concurrently revenues from camera accessories (e.g., lenses, batteries, external flashes, filters and tripods) increased more than 50% during the same time period. DSLR camera buyers are far more likely to purchase accessories than are consumers who purchase simpler point-and-shoot digital cameras. Still, 69% of point-and-shoot digital camera consumers and 54% of DSLR buyers left the store without purchasing anything beyond what was included in the initial purchase price of their new digital cameras.

2.8 mln digital photo frames sold in 2006

Worldwide, there were 2.8 mln digital frames shipped in 2006, and the average selling price was $168, according to IDC. By 2011, IDC said, shipments will increase to 42.3 mln units, with US shipments representing 54% of the market. In 2006, IDC said, the 5-to-6.9″ frame category made up the bulk of the marke, but the 7-to-8.9″ category will dominate in 2007 and retain the top spot throughout 2011.

80% of image censors in 2006 were CMOS censors

CMOS sensors held nearly an 80% share of image sensor shipments in 2006. CCD sensors remain strong in digital still cameras, security cameras, and camcorders. Dual-camera phones are in high demand among 3G wireless subscribers in Asia and Europe, In-Stat reported.

50 bln digital photos taken in 2007, 60 bln by 2011

The average digital camera price is projected to slip from $298 in 2006 to $191 in 2011 in North America, InfoTrends says. In the compact camera segment, average prices are projected to drop from $262 in 2006 to $163 in 2011. Digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, which offer higher performance and interchangeable lenses but are bulkier and costlier, are projected to drop from $966 to $507 over the same period. People are taking a lot of photos, up from about 50 bln a year in 2007 to about 60 bln in 2011. 2006 was the year the bulk of the digital camera market switched over from first-time buyers to repeat buyers. In 2007, 73% were repeat buyers, and in 2011, it should be 97%.

1 bln cameraphones in 2007

The installed base of camera phones will exceed 1 bln in 2007, as mature market replacement sales above one megapixel and emerging market first digital camera phone purchases (typically VGA) continue to drive sales. Camera phones have been a huge success, with unit sales rising from three mln in 2001 to 500 mln in 2006, Strategy Analytics.