US consumer electronics shipments to generate $171 bln in 2009

The consumer electronics industry is projected to generate $171 bln in US shipment revenues in 2009, according to Consumer Electronics Association. CEA’s estimate of final shipment revenues for 2008 showed the industry reached a new high of $172 bln, an increase of 5.4% over 2007. In 2009, overall, CEA projects that domestic shipment revenues will essentially remain flat at $171 bln, a decrease of 0.6% over 2008. The primary revenue driver for the industry continues to be digital TV displays, representing 15% of total industry shipment dollars. As the transition to digital television nears, unit shipments of DTVs will approach 35 mln in 2009, an increase of nearly 6% over 2008 shipments. LCD displays remain the top choice among consumers, representing 77% of total DTV units. Blu-ray players are expected to see major growth in 2009. With more content, new products and lower prices, Blu-Ray revenues are projected to surpass $1.2 bln.

Canadians to spend $381 on electronics in 2008 holiday season

Canadians said they are planning to spend an average of $381 on electronic gifts for others. Men plan to spend more on consumer electronics than women, $342 to $216. The three most popular items Canadians said they would like to receive as a holiday gift in order are a flat-screen television (31%), laptop or desktop computer (19%) and GPS navigation system (14%). Other desired gifts include: digital cameras, kitchen appliances, mp3 players, video gaming consoles, and Blu-ray disc players.

41% of US consumers think all TVs need a digital converter

Consumer Reports found that about 17% of Americans living in television households have at least one television set that will be affected by the digital transition, and 13% rely exclusively on over-the-air signals (OTA). Unless they take some action before February, nearly 19 mln Americans will be in households without television programming. While 93% of Americans indicated they are aware of the digital transition, consumers are still unclear about how the transition will affect them. 32% of consumers in households with at least one TV affected remain unaware they need to take action, and more than one quarter (28%) of those who will not have any functioning TV sets in their home next February do not know that they are affected by the transition.

About four in 10 consumers (41%) believe that ALL televisions will need a converter box to function properly. 29% believe that all households will need digital televisions to watch TV. 25% believe that every consumer must subscribe to cable, satellite or fiber TV to watch any television programming at all. 9% believe consumers will have to throw away all analog television sets.

39% of internet users used a handheld device to go online

39% of internet users say they have used a handheld device to go online – the figure is 41% for home broadband users and 36% for home dial-up users. Given the dwindling number or home dial-up users, this means that some 86% of those who use a handheld to access the internet are broadband users. Although some cell phone networks today are capable of transmission rates of 200 kilobits per second (the FCC-defined threshold for a “first generation” broadband), it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine how many, according to the Pew Internet Project.

70% of DVR owners say they cannot live without DVR

More than 70% of DVR owners say that they cannot live without their DVR, according to NDS. Asked to rank the relative importance of a variety of household appliances, DVR owners ranked the DVR as the third most indispensable item after the washing machine and the microwave oven. 89% of Americans, 81% of British, 80% of Australians and 78% of Italians all reported that the DVR has improved how much they enjoy watching television.

Flat panel TV sales up 26% in North America in Q2 2008

Q2 2008 North American flat panel TV sales jumped 26% when compared to the Q1 2008 and 28% when compared to Q1 2007, according to DisplaySearch. 9.3 mln units were shipped in Q2 2008. LCD and Plasma TV technologies both posted strong sequential quarterly gains, rising 30% and 35%, respectively. The top selling brand was Samsung with total TV shipment share surging to a record 19.1% of all TV unit shipments in North America during the quarter.

Premium Internet video to generate $6 bln by 2013

TV-based Internet video receivers and connected consumer electronics platforms will drive transactional revenues for premium Internet video services past $6 bln. U.S. consumers will spend over $6 bln for Internet video services by 2013, with direct-to-TV videos accounting for 75% of that revenue, according to Parks Associates.