Myers on PVR ads

30.9% of PVR owners skipped or fast forwarded all commercials, and a further 21.7% indicated they did this to most commercials. This means that if 30% of homes have a PVR by the end of the decade and 50% of PVR users are skipping all or most commercials, TV advertising will become less effective for most advertisers. Saying that, the Myers Group survey did also indicate that PVR users skip commercials, but 15.3% will stop for selected ones.

IAB on advertising ROI

According to a recent study from the IAB and Comscore, the average click-through rates for sponsored ads related to travel and finance were 18.3% for April and May of 2003. That compares with click-through rates of 4.3% for ordinary search results for related terms. Sponsored ads also drove more sales than did ordinary search links, according to the research. About 1.4% of the people who clicked on sponsored listings became customers of the advertisers. In comparison, about 0.6% of the people who clicked on ordinary search results made a purchase.

Online advertising formats have historically faced problems with declining response rates over time. Banner ads debuted with click-through rates above 50%, according to Nielsen/NetRatings research analyst Marc Ryan, but faded during their heyday to about 2% – a respectable performance for direct response ads. Now banners get fewer than 5 responses for every 1,000 advertisements shown, a response rate of about 0.5%.

Best ad performance in the US by states, Inc. today released new findings from its Optigence research platform indicating that certain geographic areas are more responsive to interactive advertising than others.

Best CTR: New Mexico, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana, Wyoming
Best conversion ratio: Vermont, Michigan, Alaska, Ohio, Nevada

Everyone hates pop-ups

In July, Nielsen//NetRatings reported Web publishers served 7.3 billion pop-up ad impressions. In July 2002, iVillage repudiated pop-up ads after a survey found 92.5 percent of its users saying pop-up ads were the most frustrating part of their experience on the site. Doug McFarland, executive vice president and general manager of publisher services, cited a survey the company did in May that found pop-up ads had a click-through rate 13 times higher than regular banner ads.