Casual gaming market data

28% of casual gamers play more than nine sessions per week with 32% of those sessions lasting at least an hour, Macrovision says. 83% of survey participants are willing to view a 30-second ad in order to play a game for free. 53% are willing to purchase the game, only after they have played with a trial version. Out of those, 54% will decide if they are willing to purchase a game within 60 minutes of play time.

34% are age 35-49, 29% are age 50-60, 69% are female, 39% are male, 58% have no children under age 18 living in their households. 28% play nine or more game ‘sessions’ per week. 32% say each ‘session’ typically lasts for at least one hour. 26% spend more than two hours in each gameplay ‘session’. 29% have downloaded more than 20 games in the in 2006. 67% read game reviews, of those 81% feel they are influenced to try a game based on the review and 65% feel that reviews have influenced them to purchase a new game in the past. Preferred genres are: puzzle – 48%, simulations – 26%, action – 23%.