Cancer-related online searches

Among people who researched cancer information online in 2006 so far, breast cancer was the most frequently researched form of the disease. 34% of all online researchers sought information on breast cancer, while nearly one in five looked for information on skin cancer, and 18% researched colon/rectal cancer. While the majority of online cancer researchers sought information on only one type of cancer, 20% reported researching more than one form of the disease.

Cancer searches online
Type of cancer Share
Breast 34%
Skin 19%
Colon/Rectal 18%
Prostate 17%
Lung/Bronchus 17%
Ovarian 14%
Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 11%
Pancreatic 6%
Urinary/Bladder 6%
Kidney/Renal Pelvis 4%
Source: comScore