Canalys: EMEA cameraphone sales up 29%

EMEA mobile phone punters want cameraphones – if Q3 sales are anything to go by. According to market watcher Canalys, some 4.9 mil of the devices shipped in Q3 2003 – almost as many as shipped in the first two quarters of the year combined.

Q3 cameraphone shipments were up 29% on Q2, Canalys said this week, taking the nine-month total to ten mil units. Both Sony Ericsson and Samsung saw shipments rise ahead of the average, with shipments growing sequentially by 48% and 34%, respectively. By contrast, Nokia’s shipments were down 3.2%, but it still look the lion’s share of the market – some 34.9% of cameraphones shipped during Q3 had the Nokia name stamped upon them. Sony Ericsson came in second place with 25.7% of the EMEA market. Samsung was third (11.1%), followed by Sharp (8.5%). All the rest took a combined 15.3% of the market.

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