By 2010 46.5% of mobile subscribers will use 2G, 29.6% – 2.5G, 23.8% – 3G

The number of mobile subscribers worldwide was expected to rise 20% to 1.91 bln at the end of 2005 and cross the 2-bln-mark in 2006, driven by China and India, where mobile phones are only now reaching vast swathes of their 1 bln+ population. By 2010, Informa says, the Asia-Pacific region would contribute almost half of the mobile subscribers globally as subscribers rise to 1.3 bln from 843 mln 2005. Informa forecast 2.7 bln mobile subscribers worldwide by 2010. 46.5% of these subscribers will continue to be on 2G networks, followed by 29.6% on 2.5G networks and 23.8% on 3G networks.