Broadband value-added services generated $4.9 bln for broadband providers

Revenue earned by consumer broadband value-added services (BVAS) more than doubled during 2004, Point Topic says. At the beginning of 2004 it was running at an annual rate of about $3.3 bln worldwide. By the end of the year the figure was $6.9 bln. The increase in the run-rate of revenues was much steeper than the growth in the number of consumer broadband lines, which grew about 45% to 131 mln, or in consumer broadband access revenues, which grew by about 22% to $39 bln. Thus by early 2005, consumer value-added services were adding an extra 18% to access revenues compared with only 10% a year earlier. For 2004 as a whole, Point Topic estimates that consumer value-added revenues were about $4.9 bln, while access revenues for the year were about $35 bln.

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