Broadband numbers in Q1 2005: world – 164 mln, USA – 36.5 mln, China – 28.3 mln

World broadband lines reached 164 mln in Q1 2005, an increase of 52 mln lines since Q1 2004, with 28 mln lines added in the last 6 months alone, according to Point Topic. The USA is still the world’s largest broadband country with 36.5 mln lines, and China remains in second place with 28.3 mln lines. The UK is leading growth in the G7 Rankings achieving a 16.5% increase in lines since end-2004, and adding over 1 mln lines in the process. France was the only other G7 country passing 10% growth in Q1 2005, achieving 13.5% growth and adding an equally impressive 913,000 lines in the quarter.

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