Broadband modems, routers and gateways grew 3% in Q2 20005

The worldwide broadband modem, router, and gateway market grew 3% to $1.3 bln and unit shipments grew 5% to 26.7 mln between Q1 2005 and Q2 2005, according to Infonetics Research. Overall revenue is forecast to grow to $5.4 bln by 2008, fueled by new applications and new speeds. Cisco-Linksys leads overall broadband CPE revenue, ahead of D-Link and Thomson; all of these vendors have DSL and cable products. Worldwide DSL CPE revenue is up 2% but is projected to fall 1% by Q2 2006. Worldwide cable CPE revenue is up 4% and is projected to grow 5% by Q2 2006. 47% of worldwide broadband CPE revenue comes from DSL CPE, 27% from broadband routers, 18% from cable CPE, and the rest from voice adapters and IP set top boxes. 40% of overall broadband CPE revenue is from North America, 30% from EMEA, 25% from Asia Pacific, and 5% from CALA.