Baltic enterprise application software market to grow 17% in 2004

Spending on Enterprise Application Software in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, expanded by 17.7% YTY to $18.28 million in license and maintenance revenue. According to IDC, this figure should jump by 17% in 2004, as small and medium-sized businesses invest in complex solutions both to meet new EU regulations and to stay competitive in the international marketplace. The largest of the three EAS markets, Lithuania was also the fastest growing in 2003, with spending shooting up by more than 28% year-on-year. Growth was also strong in Estonia, where the EAS market expanded by 18.4%. By contrast, EAS spending in Latvia rose a far more modest 6.6%. Microsoft Business Solutions again took first in the Baltic EAS market in 2003. Its aggressive strategy of focusing almost exclusively on small and medium-sized enterprises ushered MBS to first place in all three countries last year. Oracle ranked second, followed by Scala, SAP, and Hansen. Altogether, these five vendors captured more than 78% of L&M revenue last year.