Average US household has 25 CE devices

The average US household owns 25 consumer electronics (CE) products and the average adult spends $1,200 annually on these product, according to Consumer Electronics Association. The top five growth sectors were digital video recorders (DVRs), network routers or hubs, MP3 players, cable modems and digital cameras. DVR ownership and network/routers in US households grew 8% points since 2006 to 25 and 30% respectively. 32% of households now own an MP3 player, up seven%age points since in 2006. Cable modem ownership grew 6% points and digital camera ownership rose to 62% of all US households. Other categories with significant growth include HDTV with penetration reaching 25% of US homes. More than 75% of UShomes have at least one cell phone; CEA estimates 178.5 mln wireless phones are in use. DVD players have reached 84% household penetration and have surpassed VCRs, partially because of the availability of portable DVD players. In addition to identifying top growth categories, the study reveals the five most owned products beginning with the television (92%), DVD player or recorder, VCR (82%), cordless phone (82%) and the cellular phone (76%).