Australian PC market up 26% in Q4 2004, 3 mln PCs sold

In Q4 2004 Australian PC market grew by 9% QTQ and by 26% YTY. The PC market in Q4 2004 saw a massive amount of notebooks fall below the retail $2000 (Australian) mark which helped to drive sales in Q4 2004. The desktop form factor grew by 20% YTY and notebooks by 41% over the same period, according to IDC.

The total performance for the PC market in 2004 was by far a record performance with over 3 million PCs shipped during the year. The total market grew by 22% from 2004 compared to the previous year. A key note is the share of notebook PCs of the total market, which grew from 24% in the previous year to 28% in the 2004. Vendor shares in 2004: HP 17.1%, Dell 13.6%, Acer 9.6%, IBM 7.0%, Toshiba 6.9%, Apple 4.1%, Others 41.7%.