Asian PC shipments up 13.1% in Q4 2003

PC shipments in Asia excluding Japan jumped 13.1% in Q4 2003 with top Chinese and U.S. players capturing significant market share from smaller rivals, data released on Tuesday showed. PC makers shipped 7.77 mln computers in the fourth quarter as the regional PC market continued to rebound with the rest of the world following a two-year downturn. Fast-growing Chinese demand also fuelled stronger sales. China was the region’s biggest buyer of computers for the quarter, accounting for about half of all units shipped. Top China PC maker Legend Group Ltd (0992) led the pack, with fourth-quarter shipments up 19.2% from a year ago to 1.06 mln units, according to data tracking firm IDC. Legend, whose sales are predominantly in China, controlled 13.7% of the Asian PC market for the quarter, up from 13% a year earlier.

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