Asian PC market up 21% in volume, down 5% in dollars spent

GfK Asia reports that volumes in Asian retail PC market expanded dramatically in 2007, with an average overall regional increase of 21%, but with plummeting per unit values, the overall dollar value of sales actually declined by 5% when compared to 2006. During 2007, the greatest increase in the PC market was in personal portable computers, with an average regional volume increase of 45% year on year. China was the leader in sales growth with a marked 53% in volumes, to command 57% of all personal portable computer units sold in the region in 2007. However, Unit values for personal portable computers fell dramatically — in China, the average unit price fell from $1146.57 in 2006 to just $994.65 in 2007. The retail desktop PC market across the region increased at a much slower rate, gaining an overall average of 8% volume and a net fall in value of 6% across the region during 2007 when compared to 2006.