Asia-Pacific PC market up 17% in Q2 2005

Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) PC market totaled 9.5 mln units in Q2 2005, representing a sequential growth of 7% and a robust 17% year-on-year growth, according to IDC. In the critical Chinese market, consumer interest was boosted by increasingly lower prices as well as demand for desktop PCs from the government, education, and telecommunication sectors. Korea also beat expectations as a result of price competition, despite its seasonal slowdown in the second quarter and Trigem’s troubles. Meanwhile, Australia’s PC shipments posted a strong showing thanks to tenders as well as increased notebook activity.

The Singapore PC market fell sequentially in Q2 2005 as many SMBs had already completed their IT purchases before the start of the new fiscal year in April. Taiwan continued to face a delay in a major government tender, and with the closure of several channels during the second quarter; it was the only market to register a year-on-year decline in PC shipments.