Asia-Pacific digital camera sales up 39% in 2004

The Asia-Pacific digital camera market has crossed the 10 mln mark in 2004, according to IDC. Despite the increasing popularity of camera phones, overall shipments grew a 39% from 2003 to 10.6 mln units in Asia-Pacific excluding Japan. China, Australia and Korea were the top 3 largest markets in 2004, while India and China are touted to register the highest growth potential with CAGRs of 50% and 26% respectively from 2005 to 2009. Аrchiving is the most common image processing activity across the Asia-Pacific with 74% of respondents declaring that they archive their images once taken. This is followed by printing of photos (31%) and enhancement of digitally captured photos (38%). Of the total number of respondents who print digital images, 22% of users are concerned with the image quality of the printouts and would seek the services of retail photofinishers if printing at home proves to be a hassle.