Americans used 500 bln wireless minutes in first half 2004

CTIA Wireless Association reported that the number of subscribers grew by 21,401,569 (14.5%) between June 2003 and June 2004.Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey also found a wireless industry that is experiencing a 17% increase in cumulative capital investment – up more than $22.5 bln. As of June 2004, total cumulative capital investment stood at over $156 bln. The survey also showed that nearly 27,000 cell sites had been constructed in the previous year, an increase of 18%. The trade group reports more than 174,000 cell sites in the United States alone. The CTIA report found more than 500 bln wireless minutes were used in the first half of 2004 – an increase of 35% between June 2003 and June 2004.