Americans spent $31 for Fathers Day, $41 for Mothers Day

Consumers surveyed by Discover Card said they plan to spend an average of $31 on their dads this Father’s Day, as opposed to the average of $41 they said they would spend on mom for Mother’s Day. Likewise, wives plan to spend an average of $43 on their husbands for June 18th, while husbands said they would spend around $63 for their wives on Mother’s Day. While only 7% of dads said they would like a “day off” this Father’s Day, more than 25% of moms surveyed in May said they wanted a break from their family responsibilities on Mother’s Day. Respondents are almost three times as likely (41%) to buy a present for their own dad on Father’s Day 2005 as they are for their father-in-law (14%).