Americans spend 13 hours 44 minutes a month online

Nielsen//NetRatings found that easier growth opportunities exist in several emerging Internet markets, including Australia, France, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan, which experienced double-digit increases in time spent online at-home. The latest global research from Nielsen//NetRatings tracks the Web usage behavior of 12 countries worldwide, which accounts for more than 70% of the world’s Internet usage. Nielsen//NetRatings found that Americans spend on average nearly 14 hours online each month, which is close to the worldwide average. Those living in Hong Kong surf the longest out of the 12 countries, averaging nearly 22 hours. On the lower end, Italians on average log eight hours online during the month.

Average time spent online in
February 2005

Country Time Spent
YTY Growth
Hong Kong 21:53:24 25%
France 14:25:38 19%
Italy 7:59:57 15%
Japan 14:50:42 12%
Australia 11:39:06 10%
United Kingdom 11:20:34 8%
Sweden 10:29:33 8%
Switzerland 10:52:28 7%
Brazil 13:13:58 6%
Spain 11:36:56 5%
Germany 12:31:22 4%
United States 13:44:04 -2%