AMD desktops outsell Intel desktops 54% to 45%

A recent study by Current Analysis found that AMD-based desktop computers selling within the retail channel have once again outsold Intel-based desktops for the week ending August 21, 2004. This increase in AMD-based sales comes on the heels of Intel’s lowered financial forecast; from between $8.6 bln and $9.2 bln to between $8.3 bln and $8.6 bln.

As previously reported by Current Analysis, AMD was able to accomplish this feat during the week ending April 24, 2004. Subsequent to the week ending April 24, 2004, AMD has surpassed Intel retail desktop sales five times with an emphasis on the back-to-school season where AMD was able to post as much as a 23 point spread during the week ending July 17th . The most recent week’s data (week ending August 21 st), shows AMD ahead with an 8 point spread and 54% of retail desktop sales versus Intel’s 45% of retail desktop sales.

Toni Duboise, Senior Desktop PC analyst states “although desktops are certainly facing diminished share in light of accelerated notebook success, desktops still represent a majority of total retail PC sales and do not show signs of vanishing from the market any time soon. The fact that AMD can challenge Intel (even within the restrictive group of retail desktop sales) speaks volumes for the chip underdog. To be fair, Intel is not in danger of losing its CPU crown due primarily to AMD’s constrained commercial penetration and Intel’s lead in the notebook market, but AMD will continue to be a threat particularly when it enhances its lineup with the recently announced AMD Sempron processors”.

Duboise continues: “promotions continue to be the driving force behind retail PC sales and AMD’s successes. In fact, $699 notebook promotions have been the driving force behind three incidents this year when notebook sales were able to overcome desktop sales. As long as Intel continues to place more emphasis on the more lucrative and successful notebook market, it leaves the door open for AMD?s desktop wins.”

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