Ad spending for African American consumers reached $2.3 bln

Advertising spending for African American consumers totaled $2.3 billion. Local Radio reported the greatest amount of spending on African American targeted media at $805 mln, comprising 35% of total spending, according to Nielsen Company. National magazines reported more than $600 mln in spending. Syndication TV reported $102.4 mln in ad spend for programs that have a 50% or greater composition of African American audiences, and that’s down year over year. Network TV at $193.3 mln saw a consolidation of UPN and WB into the new CW network.

Medium October 2006 – September 2007 Distribution
Local Radio $805.0 35.1%
National Magazine $600.9 26.2%
National Cable TV $593.1 25.8%
Network TV $193.3 8.4%
Syndication TV $102.4 4.5%
Total $2,294.7 100.0%