98% of Stanford students own PCs, 9% own a WiFi access point

Stanford University published the results of its residential computing survey, which provides a representative sample of computing technology and consumer electronics preferred by students. More than 3 thousand students responded to the survey, saying 98% of them have PCs, and 10% have 2 or more computers (that does not include PDAs). 83% have a laptop, 69% own a printer, 80% of students have a cell phone, 56% have a digital camera, 53% have a digital music player, 11% have a PDA and 9% are owners of WiFi access point.

The operating system preferences among Stanford students tend to favor Microsoft Windows (78%), while Apple Computer Mac OS is second with 22% share, and Linux family of operating system is installed on 2% of PCs. 53% have anti-virus software doing automatic scans for them, 52% run an anti-spyware application, 48% have opted in for Microsoft’s Windows Update automatic updates.

83% of students are aware of copyright issues related to music downloading. Above it was mentioned that 53% of Stanford students own a digital music player, and 67% of those are Apple iPods. 25% of students have purchased music from legitimate online stores, and 92% did their music shopping at Apple iTunes music store. Stanford also allows a music subscription option with no downloading but unlimited access to the music catalog for $20 a year. 47% of students thought it was a good idea, 31% said they would not be interested, 23% said they might subscribe.

44% of Stanford students use wireless networks daily, 58% use them at least once a week. Most frequent locations for WiFi hookups? Dorm room and hallway both received 81% of the votes.