97.85 mln GPUs shipped in Q3 2007

Total shipments for Q3 2007 were 97.85 mln GPU units, up 20% in over Q2 2007. Compared to Q2 2006 shipments were up 18.2%. On the desktop, Nvidia held its first place position claiming 37.8% against Intel’s 33.5%, while AMD had a modest loss to 17.5%. In the mobile market Intel held its dominant position but slipped slightly to 50.9%, with AMD taking back the number two position at 23.4% and Nvidia coming in at 22.8%. Mobile chips continued their growth in units with 25.8 mln units (up less than 1% over Q2 2007), to claim 26.4% of the market, down from 31.5% in Q2 2007. The desktop saw market share growth from 68.5% in Q2 2007 to 73.6% in Q3 2007, or 72 mln units, Jon Peddie Research reports.