95% of users hate pop-ups, 69% use pop-up blockers

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen presents findings of research done by Yahoo! and eBay in regards to the most common site annoynaces. It’s hardly a surprise that pop-ups, slowness and various gimmicks to enforce users clicking on the ads rated at the top of the annoyances list.

Design Element Users Answering
"Very Negatively"
or "Negatively"
Pops-up in front of your window 95%
Loads slowly 94%
Tries to trick you into clicking on it 94%
Does not have a "Close" button 93%
Covers what you are trying to see 93%
Doesn’t say what it is for 92%
Moves content around 92%
Occupies most of the page 90%
Blinks on and off 87%
Floats across the screen 79%
Automatically plays sound 79%
Source: Nielsen Norman Group