9.3% of e-commerce sales come from site’s internal search engine

DoubleClick’s quarterly e-commerce trend report found that 2.1% of consumers who visited a retail site’s search engine made a purchase in Q3 2004 – up from 1.5% in Q3 2003. In total, 9.3% of e-commerce sales came from the search function on shopping sites, compared to 6.6% in 2003. Of those who bought products through on-site search in Q3, the average order size per online buyer grew to $126 from $100 in the same period last year. Shoppers are spending 10% less time on commerce sites during their shopping sessions. Q3 2004 data said users spent 4.4 minutes at each site compared to 4.9 minutes a year earlier, and far less time on each page – 29 seconds in 2004 versus 43 in 2003. Users are also viewing more pages during each site visit – 10.3 pages versus 7.7 YTY.