91% of companies use some wireless service

Since Average Revenue Per User (ARPUs) are higher from business customers than from consumers, wireless carriers have a keen focus on growing the amount of revenue that comes from their corporate accounts, according to In-Stat. The firm recently completed an in-depth study based on surveys with more than 600 wireless decision-makers in the US.

The average percentage of employees using wireless voice services within organizations increased on a year-over-year basis in all company sizes, but especially at SOHO firms. Average per-company 2004 wireless spending remained relatively flat over the past year. About one-third of the wireless services budget is now dedicated to data, indicating the increasing importance of wireless data in the business environment. The vast majority (91%) of responding companies now use wireless data somewhere in their company, either on a limited or a widespread basis. The new Cingular is the largest primary provider of wireless WAN data services.