90% of Web service developers do it becaise of the service reuse

Top drivers for SOA adoption include the expectation of greater reuse in existing and newly-built Web services, business flexibility, ease of integration and speed of integration ? with nearly 90% of respondents pointing to service reuse as their number one concern. In September and October of 2006, Hurwitz & Associates surveyed 99 IT executives from companies in North America and the UK with a size greater than 250 employees who had expressed an interest in SOA or Web services. 66% had begun their SOA journey. 47% of the respondents, who had implemented SOA cited some dissatisfaction with their reuse due to a lack of planning and business goals and a lack of understanding of what services are available for reuse. 50% of respondents stated that they have no registry or repository solution in place or use an in-house solution.